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Kt's Journal

The Odd Ponderings of a Deceiving Snake

19 June 1986
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adam ant, aim, albert camus, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, anti-abortion, art, astrology, bauhaus, beagladors, beagles, billion dollar babies, boston, calabrese, cave of graves, charlie daniels, christian death, chuck berry, cinema strange, classic rock, cleaning, clown makeup, computer science, computers, country, dada, david bowie, dawn of the dead, dead babies, dead can dance, decadence, dion fortune, dogs, dolly parton, dracula, dreams, elvis, eyeliner, fake blood, fink, fish, flute, frank sinatra, frankenstein, freaks, freddy krueger, freddy vs. jason, free thinkers, from hell, garth brooks, george strait, glam, glitter, god, graphic art, hawkeye, headless horsemen, heaven, hedwig and the angry inch, hell, horror, horror movies, horror rock, html, humor, iggy pop, intelligence, intj, j.d. salinger, johnny cash, johnny depp, kenny chesney, kentucky, libertarianism, m*a*s*h, makeup, malice in leatherland, mascara, math, monsters, movies, music, mysticism, new york dolls, nick cave, nim vind, ohio state university, old school goth, old school punk, organization, originality, osu, photography, pki, pro-gay marriage, procrastination, radar, reading, religion, riley, rock, rock city morgue, salvador dali, sarcasm, shadow reichenstein, shock rock, sick things, siouxsie and the banshees, sister sacrilege, sleep, sleepy hollow, stars, surrealism, t. rex, the beast, the cure, the damned, the devil, the everly brothers, the exorcist, the holocaust, the last temptation, the nightmare, the psychedelic furs, the qabalah, the rolling stones, the sisters of mercy, the tree of life, theatrics, toby keith, trapper, vince gill, vincent price, willie nelson, wit, zombies